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For its position Aurasia offers the possibility to catch up easy localities of “Itria Valley” and of the “Salento” allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a nature, culture, sea and relax. A few kilometers away there is:


centro storico ostuniIt is called “The White City” because of characteristic color of the houses. It offers charming walking between narrow streets in which you can admire the influence of the turkish dominations.
We advise you to visit the Cathedral, the Museum of the Pre-classic Civilizations, the St. Giacomo’s Church, the New Door and the Demetrio Door, the St. Francesco’s Church, the Carmine’s Church, the Zevalo’s Palace.


alberobelloIt‘s a popular with Capital of the Trulli and recognized with an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
The trulli has an ancient origins that back to the Assyrian and the Greek civilization.
We advise you to visit the Monti Quarter, the Small Aia, the St. Anio’s Church, the Sanctuary of the Doctors, the Sovereign Trullo, the House of Love, the Siamese Trullo.


cisterninoIt’s a peacefull town located on a higher hill of the Murgia, you can see a lovely view of the Itria valley from it.





fasanoIt’s born on the ruins of the Egnazia, ancient roman seaport, and very important archaeological site.
Two kilometers away there is “ZOO SAFARI” is the most important zoological garden in Italy. There is also a dolphinarium, a giant wheel and other attractions to see.




locorotondoIt is a on the top of the hill. Town of remarkable circular design, in fact, its name means “rounded place“, with whiteining houses immersed in a landscape of fairy tale.
It is very popular with its white wines made by using antique rural processes.




martina-francaIt is a very elegant town with many baroque buildings, back to the 17 th century.
It is also worldwide known for its music festival which takes place between middle of July and early August, a feast for classic music and opera.




torre guacetoIt has an area protected by land with large amount of olive trees, area protected by lake with birds amphibians and insects typical of this habitat and a marine area.The marine is extremely rich with animal and vegetable species in the depths of the sea there is a particulary biocenosis. In the sea there are turtles and dolphins.




ACTIVITIES NEAR TO US: Sea, Hiking, Equitation, Horse riding, Thermal baths, Fishing.

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